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Welcome to Action/Sci-Fi
January 5, 2010, 10:18 am
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Loving Big-Budget, Low-Brow Movies

As a grown up who never stopped liking trashy action and sci-fi flicks, I decided I needed somewhere to finally channel the energy, hence this blog.  I’ll post reviews of action and sci fi films on here when I get the chance.  Because kids tend to stop you from pursuing such interests with as much vigour as you’d like, I’ll only be posting when I get the chance to see a film.  Which means the occasional new release at the cineplex plus whatever bobs up on TV or catches my attention at the video store.  As a result, the movies I review may make a pretty odd collection. Bear with me if you’re enjoying the ride.

There are just two things to note: spoilers are in orange and scores are out of 100.

Les Argen