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April 23, 2010, 11:14 pm
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Aired Australia – 18 April  2010
Aired USA – 6 April 2010

So, as we suspected after episode 5, it’s not that the Visitors can’t feel emotions like love and empathy, it’s that Anna is a drug pusher, pedalling The Bliss to her naïve addicts aboard the spaceships hovering above the earth, and undercover down below. They’re like any clapped out junkie who just can’t pull himself together enough to feel, man. We understand this in the first scene, when a V attempts to tell his girlfriend he loves her while she looks skyward, drinking in the dulcet tones of Anna like some hard-core yoga dude. He’s obviously a fifth columnist who is not taking his Anna juice.

The Bliss angle is a little hard for me to swallow (pardon the pun). A pimp and her bunch of drug addicts hijacking earth just seems a little unnecessary. God knows there’s always dissenters in large organisations, so it’s not like they needed to dream up something so ridiculous to illustrate a rift in the alien ranks. Nevertheless, I’m willing to overlook this crazy scenario as it remains a fairly minor part of the show at this stage. The main game is the growing rebellion, hence that lovestruck, non-conforming V’s decision to detonate a suicide bomb when he realises he can’t get through to his crack whore.

But don’t worry, Anna’s not going to take this rebellion lying naked in a bath. Or at least she’s not justˆ going to do that. Soon after the lovelorn V has his jihad moment, Anna starts a brutal purge, strapping every V on the ships to a table to see if they react to images of human suffering. Those who do are obviously fifth columnists who Anna assembles in a room, where she tells them to take a suicide pill. Those who take it are obviously loyal to her. Those who don’t are fifth columnists. Very medieval. Very ‘if you sink to the bottom you’re innocent, if you float you’re guilty.’

Meanwhile back on planet earth (literally and figuratively), our rebels are hatching a plan to get onto the ship to hack into a V broadcast and plant a message, to let all of the fifth columnists out there know that the revolution is still going on. Here’s a thought: use the internet. Is this not the strangest aspect of the whole show? There are all of these people out there who know the truth, but not one of them is using the web to get their message out. Surely a V traitor could cut their arm open, take a little video of it and post it on Youtube from an internet café. Broadcast yourself, goddamn it!

Apart from using the power of the Vs’ broadcast, our rebels are also interested in getting the human broadcaster Chad Decker onside, and so Fr Jack entices him into coming to have a chat about the Vs. There’s a little sparring between them with neither giving too much away, but it’s safe to say the grooming of Chad Decker has begun.

The exploration of inter-species love continues to be my favourite part of this show. Ryan knows he’s running out of time as his human girlfriend’s pregnancy is growing at an extraordinary pace. Apart from wanting to eat rats, Valerie is feeling movement already and the last scene of the episode –where we see the imprint of a tail moving inside her stomach as she sleeps – is oh, so icky. I don’t know what I’m more excited about – Valerie giving birth or Ryan telling Val he’s an alien with freaky green eyes and a scaly tail. Valerie, you’re about to have your Beauty and the Beast moment.

You can watch episode six of V at the wordpress site movielova

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