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Aired Australia – 28 March 2010
Aired USA – 24 November 2009

If you discovered a traitor in your midst, what would you do?  I think most of us would plump for skinning said traitor alive, wouldn’t we?  No?  Well, that’s apparently what the Vs do.  Each week we piece together a little more about what makes the Vs tick, and this week we find out that they are particularly brutal to those who do the wrong thing.

When the Visitors’ leader, Anna, discovers that her undercover agent Dale Maddox was killed on board the mother ship just before he could reveal the identity of his attempted murderer, she orders an investigation.  She thinks her lieutenant, Joshua (Mark Hildreth), is responsible (he is, see episode 3) but when another fifth columnist steps forward to claim responsibility, Anna instead orders Joshua to skin him.  Unfortunately we don’t see what happens while the hapless victim screams.  Does skinning just involve removing the human tissue over the top? Does it kill you, or is it just torture?

We also find out what The Bliss is this week.  After a particularly bad day at the office, Anna strips nude (yay), dunks herself in a bath and starts broadcasting a message using her mind.  Every V, whether they are on the mother ship or out there undercover in the big, wide world, looks towards the heavens and listens in ecstacy.   We know that the harmony between the Vs is on a knife’s edge: there’s a fired-up resistance movement, and Anna and her right-hand man Marcus don’t agree on tactics, suggesting that Anna could lose control of her peeps if she doesn’t play her cards right.  The Bliss is Anna’s way of keeping control.  It seems, however, that the Vs have to choose to receive the Bliss.  The traitor Nichols mentioned it in episode 3, likening it to a drug, and he doesn’t appear to be affected by Anna’s announcement.

Mind control is obviously what the Vs are all about, but they’re using old-fashioned methods with the humans.  This week’s major PR announcement is the opening of the first health clinics to treat people.  They’re very impressive, and are even able to treat maladies which haven’t appeared yet, Nick Riviera style.  But what’s most impressive is that they just rolled it out in four weeks.  It’ll take the Democrats years just to bring down health insurance premiums, never mind open new hospitals.  They’ve also announced a cure-all vaccine like some quack 19th-century doctors.

Meanwhile our ragtag band of V traitors and human resistors take their first scalp, when they ambush a V working undercover as a doctor specialising in virology.   They shoot the dirty dog in a carpark, and he calls Ryan Nichols a traitor as he dies, simultaneously revealing to Erica that Ryan is a V and affirming that he’s obviously a good V.

The centrepiece of the week’s episode is the group’s audacious raid on a dockside warehouse where the Vs are producing a vaccine.  It lacks suspense, partly because of the ridiculous ease with which they penetrate the warehouse and destroy the shipment.  The scenario works on another level, however.  Our ragtag band discovers that here at the warehouse they are lacing old-fashioned flu shots with a vaccine, but not the one they’ve publicly announced.  Erica realises that the public vaccine is probably just a harmless multivitamin, because the US Government will inevitably test it.  Meanwhile this virulent medicine will be put into the flu shots and shipped all over the world to wreak havoc.

We are so predictable, Erica laments.  They knew how humans would react to the announcement of a vaccine, and they exploited that weakness to release the real vaccine out of sight. The ol’ three card trick. From now on we need to be unpredictable, Erica tells the fellas.  Just how, well this is a series.  There’s plenty of time to see how Erica, Jack, Georgie and Ryan bring the crazy.

The other big news in this week’s episode is that Valerie is pregnant.  Valerie is a human. Her bloke – Ryan – is a V.  Can’t wait to see that baby.

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